Friday, September 5, 2014

On Writing the History of the American Bible Society--Update #64

Chapter Three continues to move along.  I spent about four hours yesterday morning improving a few sections of the chapter.  This involved learning new things about the book printing business in the nineteenth century and the use of steam-powered presses.  I now know a little bit (just enough to be dangerous) about Daniel Treadwell and his power press.

By the way, if someone knows of a good book that traces--in a step-by-step fashion--the process of book printing in the early republic I would love to know about it.  A YouTube video or a living history museum would be even better.

Our research team has recently had a change in personnel.  Katy Kaslow, who did so much work for us this summer, will be studying in Oxford this semester.  She will be back in January.  We have recently hired Alyssa Vorbeck to replace Katy for the semester.  Alyssa is a junior history major at Messiah College who just finished an exciting summer internship at Morristown National Historic Park and Library.  (She is also the middle hitter for the Messiah College women's volleyball team!).  Katie Garland has returned to her graduate program at the University of Massachusetts, but she will still be working on the project over the course of the academic year.

Stay tuned.