Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Colonial History of My Home Town

Growing up in Montville, New Jersey I never knew (and probably didn't care) that there were so many 18th-century Dutch houses in town. A recent article on the subject at the Alternative Press includes a few quotes from my freshman lacrosse coach, Michael O'Brien.  Here is a taste:

MONTVILLE, NJ - Perhaps you knew that Montville has more than fifteen Dutch stone houses dating back to the 1700s. Perhaps you knew that only three states have them – New York, Delaware and New Jersey. But did you know that the Dutch people didn’t build them in their own country, because there was not enough stone, which makes them unique to the world?
Montville Township Historical Society President Kathy Fisher has a lot to say about Dutch stone houses.
“They would always build them a certain way,” states Fisher. “They would be built to face the south so they would stay warm naturally. There was not a lot of wasted space; for example, the entrance to the house was into a room, not a hallway, in order to be efficient. And Montville is very lucky to have so many!”