Monday, November 10, 2014

What Do You Do When You Are Proctoring an Exam?

Today I proctored (along with my co-teacher Cathay Snyder) the second exam in my United States history (to 1865) survey course.  As I sat there staring out at the 60+ students in the room I began to wonder what my colleagues do when they are proctoring an exam.  Here are some options:

1.  Pace throughout the room to see if anyone is cheating
2.  Sit in the front of the room and watch to see if anyone is cheating
3.  Grade papers from another class
4.  Read a book
5.  Surf the internet/check social media sites
6.  Prep for your next class.
7.  Text message
8.  Start to grade the exams as they are handed in
9.  Leave the room and wander the hallways
10.  All of the above