Wednesday, December 17, 2014

"History of American Evangelicalism" Student Research Papers Are In

The seminar room is almost empty
As I type this there is still one student working diligently on the final exam in my History of American Evangelicalism course at Messiah College.  (To get caught up on all we did in class this semester check out the Fall 2014 episodes in my Virtual Office Hours series where I reflect on course reading material).  

Today was also the day that the students turned in their research papers.  I can't wait to read them.  Here are the titles:

"Messiah College, Evangelicalism, and Homosexuality"

"Robert Lewis Dabney: In Defense of the Lost Cause"

"Carl McIntire: A Study of the Man and His Battle for Fundamentalism"

"B.B. Warfield and Evolution"

Reading these papers will give me a nice break from reading U.S. survey essays on the coming of the Civil War and reflection papers on Frederick Douglass's Narrative.