Saturday, February 28, 2015

New Review of *Why Study History*

Thanks to Jeff Straub for a great review of Why Study History?: Reflecting on the Importance of the Past in Credo magazine.  Click here and scroll to page 58 to read it.

I love the title of the review: "Think History is Boring? Think Again. John Fea Brings History to Life"

A taste:

The book, therefore, serves as a kind of apologetic for the study of history, particularly Christian history. In a relatively short space, Fea makes an impassioned appeal for the pursuit of history....

Pastors have demands on their time, and reading can sometimes be slotted to a minor priority. With a vast array of practical and systematic theological books, not to mention an ever-growing abundance of exegetical material, what does a busy pastor read? This may leave little or no room for reading topics like history, much less a book on the historian’s method. Yet the pastor who will take the time to peruse this book may come away with a greater appreciation for the value of historical reading. Fea includes a chapter that argues for the value of Christian history as a part of one’s spiritual formation. Good historical writing has the power to transform a believer’s life. However, Christian historians need certain virtues like prayer and dependence upon God when studying the past so that God may use the study to its fullest.