Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Way of Improvement Leads Home Obama Prayer Breakfast Post At Religion News Service

The Religion News Service picked up an edited version of The Way of Improvement Leads Home post on Obama's Prayer Breakfast remarks.  Here is a taste:

MECHANICSBURG, Pa. (RNS) President Obama’s political opponents are outraged over hisremarks at last week’s National Prayer Breakfast comparing Islamic violence to historic Christian violence.​ Jim Gilmore, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, called the remarks “the most offensive I’ve ever heard a president make in my lifetime.”
But anyone who is angry with Obama’s speech must also express the same wrath toward one of the greatest presidential speeches in American history, Abraham Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address, delivered 150 years ago next month.
Read the rest here.

Addendum:  Just learned The Washington Post picked up this piece.