Tuesday, May 19, 2015

More Photos From the Last Days of the American Bible Society in New York City

On April 22 I posted some pictures I took as the American Bible Society began the process of packing up and moving to Philadelphia after 199 years in New York City.  I made what is probably my last visit to the New York Bible House on May 7 and 8.  Here are some pictures (with captions) from that visit.

What is left of archivist Kristen Hellman's office

The movers were present everywhere
A file cabinet from the ABS world-class library is ready to be moved
What is left of the ABS world-class Bible library

Packing boxes in the 3rd floor lobby with empty display case in back

These boxes were left on the archives shelves specifically for me

All the other archive shelves are empty and on their way to storage

One last look at the ABS Archives

Free books are everywhere!

My final research push

Waiting for my train home.  I have a book to finish