Monday, June 8, 2015

Any Last Minute Stories About "Good News for Modern Man" or the "Good News Bible"?

As I wrap up my book on the American Bible Society I am churning out a chapter on the ABS New Testament translation Good News for Modern Man and the Good News Bible (Old Testament and New Testament).  Some of you may recall that back in September I asked readers of The Way of Improvement Leads Home to send along stories about this translation. Some of you remember seeing a copy at your grandmother's house.  Others received a copy as a gift.  At least one person passed along a story about using it as a tool for evangelism on a college campus.  Millions and millions of these Bibles were sold since Good News for Modern Man first appeared in 1966 and the Good News Bible appeared ten years later.

What do you remember about this Bible?  Did you own a copy?  Does seeing the cover bring back memories?  Do you have a story related to the Bible?  

I am starting off this chapter with some anecdotes and I could use a few more.  Please consider sending along your story or memory.  If I choose your story I will ask permission to put it in the book and will only use your first name.

You can post your story to the comment section, send it to me via Facebook messenger, or (preferred) e-mail me at jfea(at)messiah(dot)edu