Friday, September 4, 2015

David Barton: Kim Davis Should Not Be Imprisoned Because the United States is a Republic

This is probably the strangest thing I have ever heard David Barton say. (And what are they doing filming this in a car?  Where are they going?)

Barton argues that because we are a "republic" and not a "democracy" the United States government should always place the law of God over the laws of man.  As a result, it is wrong to place Kim Davis in jail for refusing to offer same-sex marriage licences.

Where does he get this stuff?  Such a statement is filled with so many problems that we should not and cannot take it seriously. To begin with, our republican system of government (yes, we have both) is responsible for the same-sex marriage ruling that put Davis in jail.  I give Barton the benefit of the doubt here because he is answering quickly from the backseat of a car and he can't flesh out his thoughts completely, but even if he did have the time to flesh this out further I am afraid it would only get worse.

David Barton explains Kim Davis, the four kinds of law and why she should not be in Jail.Interesting perspective that I haven't heard.#kimdavis
Posted by Glenn Beck on Friday, September 4, 2015

NOTE:  I am having hard time embedding this video.  If you cannot see it, you can watch it here or here.

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David Barton has a way of explaining anything so even I can understand it. I just wish my brain worked as fast as his!!! 

 I now have a new wrinkle in my brain, as my mother used to say. Very interesting. Thank you Glenn and David for helping us understand how the laws in this country should work. Safe travels.

What I wouldn't give just th go on a road trip and just listen to you guys talk about history, politics, law, etc., etc., etc.

Love David Barton's knowledge & wisdom

I love David Barton, I love the way he explains history

Definitely an interesting perspective and I like the truth revealed here

Love David Barton. He came to our church years ago and explained the U.S. Government history. Have read several of his books

David Barton explains the differene between a Republic and a Democracy..and why God's Law, under our Constitution, and Founding Fathers intent is always above "man's law' 

It is time that ordinary evangelicals learn that there are fellow believers who are offering a different way of understanding religion and the founding.

Hat tip to Jon Rowe.