Wednesday, September 23, 2015

H-AmRel Needs Editors

I recently joined the Advisory Board of H-AmRel, an e-mail listerv devoted to the study of American religious history.  The list needs editors.  Patrick Cox explains how to put your name forward:

H-AmRel's longt-time editor Timothy Hall has stepped down from the helm at H-AmRel and taken up a much deserved seat on this network's Advisory Board. He has bene joined by a couple other scholars, John Fea and Douglas Sweeney. The network has also picked up a new Book Review editor in Bobby Smiley. As H-Net's Vice-President of Networks, I have been acting as Interim Editor, but I am no means expert enough in the field to anything but point and click. Without field expert editors, H-AmRel could potentially be shut down. I am heartened by the recent flurry of activity here, and by the interest the aforementioned have shown in joining the network staff.  Still, H-AmRel needs field experts to assume the editorial reins.

Editors should know the field well enough to see its needs and find ways to meet a few of them on H-AmRel. These might include topical online discussions, listings of journals and bibliographies, publication opportunities from informal blogs and roundtables to a new digital-first open access peer reviewed journal. Collections of teaching and research resources also seem apt. And certainly the subject matter is prime for discussion and blogging on current events, from the Catholic Pope to the American election.

If you are interested in being a part of a new board of Editors on H-AmRel, please contact me at H-Net editors range from graduate students to senior scholars. Those who take up this valuable service to the field will find a ready made audience of almost 1600 scholars and become part of a powerful network of editors at H-Net. H-Net does provide training and plenty of tech support, though this is digital media and some amount of tech comfort would be wise.

Please send any and inquiries to Patrick Cox at