Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Some Great 19th-Century Newspaper Titles

Periodical masthead from collections of American Antiquarian Society
Vincent Golden, the Curator of Newspapers and Periodicals at the American Antiquarian Society, has uncovered some pretty interesting titles (with mastheads) of 19th-century newspapers.

Read the post and see the mastheads at Past is Present, the AAS blog.

Here are the titles:

  1.  Sucker and Farmer’s Record  (Pittsfield, IL)
  2.  Widow’s Bite and Lincoln Advocate  (Cleveland, OH)
  3.  Horseneck Truth-Teller and Gossip Journal (Greenwich, CT)
  4.  Criminal Life of Albany  (NY)
  5.  Honest Politician  (Washington, D.C.)
  6.  Estabrook’s Great Public Chowder  (Boston, MA)
  7.  Stephen H. Branch’s Alligator  (New York, NY)
  8.  Mud Turtle  (Alligator Bayou, TX)
  9.  Striped Pig  (Boston, MA)
  10.  Pitch Fork of Righteousness  (Philadelphia, PA)