Thursday, September 10, 2015

The 2015 Issue of *The Journal of Southern Religion*

Check out Scott Stephan's piece on J.R. Graves
I spent some time this evening browsing the 2015 issue of The Journal of Southern Religion (JSR).  It is loaded with interesting stuff.

For example, check out the review forum on Ken Fones-Wolf's and Elizabeth Fones-Wolf's Struggle for the Soul of the Postwar South: White Evangelical Protestants and Operation Dixie. It features three great historians: Heath Carter, Janine Giordano Drake, and Alison Collis Greene.

There is also a forum on "Southern Civil Religions" that includes essays by Art Remillard, Keith Harper, Edward Crowther, Chad Seales, and a response from Charles Reagan Wilson.

Check out the forum on religion and lynching, with pieces by Ed Blum, Marybeth Matthews, Lincoln Mullen, Amy Louis Wood, and Lawrence Brown.

Finally, let's not forget the stand alone articles by Stephen Haynes on folk religion and white supremacy and Scott Stephan on a pre-Civil War Baptist periodical published in Tennessee.