Friday, September 18, 2015

Writing History Seminar

Are you a historian who wants to write for the public?  This monthly seminar at The New School for Social Engagement looks excellent.

Writing History is a seminar for faculty, graduate students, and exceptional undergraduate students, focused on the pleasures and challenges of writing history for a wider public. We put aside a history essay’s content, context, or historiography in order to hone our approach to the writing process—from style, pacing, and word choices to questions of audience, publishers, and of the changes wrought by digital media.
We will meet six Fridays, from noon to 2 p.m,at
The New School for Social Engagement
66 W 12th Street, Room A510 (corrected)Those who respond a week in advance will have a lunch reserved for them. 
2015-2016 Schedule
9/18/2015       Nell Painter, History through Digital Collage: Art History by Nell Painter Volume XXVII, Ancestral Arts
10/9/2015       Adam Arenson, This is Not How My Book Starts–Or Is It? Introductions, Tables of Contents, and the Writing Process
11/13/2015     Nathan Connolly, “Who Did What to Whom?” and Other Writing Hazards
1/29/2016       Edward Ball, Writing History Using Family History
3/4/2016         Maria Montoya, Ideas, People, and Place: Biography and Geography in the Progressivism of Rockefeller and Roche
4/1/2016         Bruce Dorsey, A Doctor’s Visit and a Murder in a Mill Town: Experimenting With Perspective