Friday, October 9, 2015

Anglican Vicar Finds First Edition King James Version of the Bible in a Cupboard

Rev Dr. Jason Bray and his new find
This is a great story that might prompt more pastors or laypersons to clean the church cupboard.  

From The Telegraph:

A vicar clearing out a cupboard at his church found a forgotten first edition King James Bible dating back to 1611.
There are believed to be fewer than 200 such Bibles still in existence.
The Rev Dr Jason Bray stumbled upon it as he was taking stock at St Giles Parish Church in Wrexham town centre.
He said: "We basically found it when we were going through the cupboards.
"We didn't know it was a first edition, but we sent photographs to the National Library of Wales and they confirmed that it was, dating back to 1611.
"It has been authenticated, and as far as we know, has always been here."
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