Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Are You an Americanized Christian?

This post is for my Christian readers or people who are interested in Christianity.  Over at his Patheos blog "Formerly Fundie," Benjamin Corey, a writer and graduate student at Fuller Theological Seminary, offers "10 Ways To Determine If Your Christianity Has Been Americanized."  

Corey's ten telltale signs are listed below. (I post them here because I find them interesting, not because I endorse or do not endorse them).  Read the entire post for his commentary on each point:

1. If you look at the early Christians and are in disbelief over what you find. 
2. Your chief concern with Muslims is how to defeat them instead of how to show them the love of Christ. 
3. If you can recite more of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights than you can the Sermon on the Mount.
4. If you’re going to spend more time focused on the presidential election than serving real people around you. 
5. If you advocate cutting government programs for the poor but don’t actually tithe yourself.
6. If you say “we’re a nation of laws” in reference to immigrants faster than you quote what the Bible says about immigrants
7. If you think Paul’s prohibition on female teachers is straightforward, but Jesus’s teaching on enemy love is somehow open to a thousand degrees of nuance.
8. If you only see sexuality in the admonition to be modest.
9. If you think defeating gay marriage is the most pressing issue of our time. 
10. If your church honors soldiers more than the elderly woman who has been quietly teaching Sunday school for 30 years.