Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Trump and the Christian Right

According to Sarah Posner over at Religion Dispatches, evangelicals still love Donald Trump despite the fact that Trump seems to be running a campaign that looks nothing like a traditional Christian Right campaign.  

So what does this tell us about the success of the Christian Right's attempt to reach average, ordinary evangelicals over the years?  

What does this tell us about conservative evangelicals in the United States?

Here is a taste of Posner's piece, "Trump's Messianism and the Christian Right."

There’s another equally valid way of seeing Trump: that he is the (perhaps unintended) consequence of religious conservatives’ quest for a politician-savior.
Trump has smashed the religious right’s formula for presidential primaries into little bits. For several decades, the religious right has imposed a strict litmus test: oppose abortion, oppose same-sex marriage, tell your salvation story, talk about your biblical worldview, the Christian nation, the shining city on the hill.
Donald Trump doesn’t have a salvation story. He is, in his mind, the savior, The Art of the Deal  his scripture, and “make America great again” his testimony. He’s erased Jesus (anyone’s Jesus, whether you’re a conservative Christian nationalist or a progressive, social justice Christian) from the campaign.
Just as Trump appeals to voters who say they are tired of politicians-as-usual, he appeals to voters weary of theo-politicking as usual. No more false piety. No more favorite Bible verses. Let’s go straight for a bellicose, xenophobic, nationalist id. Unlike his “weak” rivals, Trump isn’t afraid to deliver the “truth” about Muslims.
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